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Public APIs

At AVAIL we are vociferous consumers of Open Data and we love using API's. We create API's to extend the utility & value of Open Data.


Based on the work of GTFS Data Exchange, this API allows direct access to GTFS feeds for hundreds of transit agencies. It extends GTFS by adding route & stop geography (GeoJSON & TopoJSON), as well as a number of analytic data (eg. route headway, stop wait times).

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GeoCensus API

Coming Soon

Tired of processing geography files by hand for each new mapping project? We were, so we created this API to make adding census geographies to any project easier.


  1. States, Counties, Congressional Districs, Tracts and Block Groups
  2. Get data as GeoJSON or TopoJJON
  3. Ingelligent Polygon Simplification for Large Datasets
  4. Add SF1 & ACS variables from

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Open Projects

GTFS Analyst

Built on top of our GeoGTFS API, GTFS Analyst is a visualization and informatics tool for transit agencies.

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WimWEB is a visualization platform for Weigh-in-Motion & Vehicle Classification count data. It provides spatial context to automatic traffic recorder (ATR) data and creates a wide array visulizations and quality analyses. The data available in this demo is from New York State and Vermont DOTs collected between 2004 & 2011.

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AVAIL (Albany Visualization And Informatics Lab) is part of the Lewis Mumford Center for Demographic Analysis at the University of Albany, State University of New York. We are a data science lab specializing in transportation, demographic and economic data with an emphasis on web based solutions & spatial visualizations. We are Open Source, Open Data & Open Government advocates.

Our Team

Dr. Catherine Lawson

Principal Investigator

The original Open Data advocate from before there was open data.

Alex Muro

Lead Developer

Javascript Zen Master, Tamer of databases of all shapes & sizes. Loves: node, d3js, Angularjs.

Matt Wolkoff

Project Manager

Matt focuses on implementation and deployment of AVAIL projects. His favorite mode of transport is the dirigible.

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